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by Release Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for  8.0 8.0
Hide details for LCULCU
GRCE728SE5Prior to this fix, a Domino server could crash converting an iCalendar invite. This regression was introduced in 8.0.
Hide details for  7.0.4 FP2 7.0.4 FP2
Hide details for AdminpAdminp
GHAN7WUTNWFixed a non-reproducible crash which could occur when the Adminp process ran batch requests.
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
SRIO7RKKNUFixed a Server crash when using the Domino console command "DBCache Flush". This regression was introduced in 7.0.4.
UTOO7F3B3KIf a database cached by HTTP is attempting to be accessed again by HTTP while offline, the database will return "currently being used by someone...
Hide details for Database Transaction LoggingDatabase Transaction Logging
JCOL7SLL57Fixed an intermittent server crash during updall of database.
Hide details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
JPMS7F2NQNFixed a Domino crash when clicking on the "Analysis" tab in the Administrator Client if their are multiple Smart Upgrade mail-in databases defined...
KLYH7ZPNC2Fixed IBM Lotus Domino LDAP buffer overflow vulnerability.
See TN # 1420749 for more information. ...
AJMO7AXLXEDomino server leaks memory and results in "LDAP BPool Full" error on the console. This can occur when the server is configured with Directory...
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
OIHZ7UVJ7TPrior to this fix, an incorrect error was displayed when folders contained future TimeDates. The error "Error 4000: %a's Certification Log" will no...
HNAA7XR9ZKAMgr task terminates abnormally while pulling a string value from richtext. This regression was introduced in 8.5.
CSCT836HFLView.getDocumentByKey and getAllDocumentsByKey fail on a very busy view, with the error "the collection has become invalid". This fix will allow...
ESAR85MQL7Fix to update views during View.GetDocumentByKey/GetAllDocumentsByKey so self modifying views can see their modifications. This is a companion spr...
Hide details for MIMEMIME
Exclamation Point IconLMIL7S9QSMThis fix addresses a problem when Domino attempted to serve out a message that had itemize errors and appended the MIME source as an EML attachment...
SKAI7KGHG5Fixes a problem with Japanese filenames during TNEF conversion. Previously, some filenames had the wrong characters displayed.
Hide details for ReplicationReplication
Exclamation Point IconMLEE7RUKB2Replication attempt with no matches crashes the server.
Hide details for ServerServer
CTOI7QFKSLDomino server process NPROCMON was crashing with the error message "PANIC: Server Process terminated abnormally". A workaround to this problem is to...
WBKK7EKQ7XFixed a problem where the time displayed by Domino would jump around, such that it would not correctly reflect the system time.
Hide details for Web ServerWeb Server
CSAO7TGASZEnhancement that verifies URLs to avoid a potential Domino Web Server crash.


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